Camping Details

This weekend’s camping trip is at Kettle Falls. Adults will be eating as a group. Cost is $5 per meal and Mr. Mick will provide Saturday breakfast, dinner and Sunday breakfast. Please bring your own drink, as well as plate and silverware. Boys will eat as patrols.

The Friday group will leave from the church at 5:00pm. The Saturday group will leave at 8:00am. We should return Sunday around noon.

Directions to the camp site are available here:


We are still collecting medical forms – full form including parts A, B & C, plus insurance card and over-the-counter medical form. This includes all boys and adults attending. We’d prefer to have these ASAP. Please contact Michelle Mitchell at to arrange a time/place to drop your son’s off.

Please make a copy for yourself before handing it over to us.

Hello Scouts! We have had our first meeting for the personal fitness merit badge on June 11. Please make sure to print off the personal fitness merit badge so you are able to fill in the required parts. Here is the link

This is a pretty time extensive merit badge so making sure you are on top of requirements throughout the session is very important. We will have to meet 7 times over the course of the summer, every 2 weeks to work on our fitness measurements. This will take place at Hart Field 3508 S Grand Blvd. It should take about 30-45 minutes if everyone stays on task. Please remember to wear athletic shoes, appropriate clothing to run in, and also bring some water (sunscreen is also suggested). There is a tracking page in the merit badge workbook or you can do your own chart, but each scout will need to record their daily exercise activities so I am able to go over these with the scout.

Schedule is as such:
  • Tuesday June 18th 7:00 pm – initial assessment
  • Tuesday July 2nd 7:00 pm – 2nd check in (need to have week earlier due to Scout camp)
  • July 15-19th – 3nd check in. I will be out of town so the boys will need to do this on their own and email or text me. It can be done any time of the week. 
  • Tuesday July 30th 7:00 pm – 4rd check in
  • Tuesday August 13th 7:00 pm – 5th check in
  • August 26th-30th – We have a parents meeting on Tuesday so the boys need to do the requirements on their own and email or text me. 
  • Wednesday September 11th 7:00 pm – last check in (note day of week change due to troop meeting on Tuesday)

We will likely have a meeting prior to one of the troop meetings in September to go over the workbook requirements if they have not already been signed off throughout the summer.

I realize that you can’t make it to all of the check in points. I need to record all your information and I will send out a reminder email before the meeting and that if you aren’t able to make it, to send me the following requirements and send me your information:

Please make sure you do check in with me when we have the scheduled check ins or if you have to email me your results. We have a very limited amount of time and if you don’t keep track and follow up, you run the risk of not being able to complete the merit badge in the required time period.

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