Troop Elections

Next Tuesday (06/11) will be our Troop Elections for the fall. If your son would like to run for Senior Patrol Leader, please have him text or call Mr. Mick before Tuesday. It is an important meeting, so please make sure to be in attendance.

Personal Fitness
The Personal Fitness Merit Badge will be kicking off on Tuesday (06/11) at 6:00pm. This badge is an Eagle required one and has a 90-day fitness requirement. We’ll complete that requirement over the summer and then finalize the classroom work in the fall. If your son doesn’t have the badge, please encourage him to attend.

Gear Loading
Mr. Mick will be at the church on Wednesday 06/12 at 5:00pm for an hour for gear loading. Please bring your camping gear so he can take it to camp and free up seats for boys.

Summer Camp
Please bring your medical forms to the next meeting. We’re only a month away from camp, so the quicker you can provide the form the better prepared we’ll be. If you have an appointment scheduled for a doctor’s visit, please let Michelle Mitchell know and she can add that to her list – her email is

High Adventure
If you haven’t signed up for high adventure and plan to attend, please do so on Tuesday.

Thank You
I wanted to say “Thank You” for the wonderful gift you provided on Tuesday. I was a little overwhelmed and at a lost for words as the night broke up. This troop has been a huge part of my life for many years and the memories have been incredible (who didn’t enjoy Bob talking about our “Want to Get Away” Award on Tuesday?). While I may not be as visible as before, I’ll still be around and look forward to focusing my efforts on helping boys with their Eagle projects. Thanks again!

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