Summer Details

There are some bullet points about summer activities that need to be highlighted. Please let us know if you have questions:

  • Can Recycling: Please remember that you SHOULD NOT drop cans at Bob’s house anymore. Instead, contact him to setup a time/location to drop them off. We are still taking them as a fundraiser, but DO NOT leave them at his house – he no longer lives there!
  • Summer Camp Special Request Form: If your son needs any special accommodations at summer camp, please complete the form and return it to me ASAP. This needs to be submitted by 05/31.
  • Medical Forms: We are still collecting medical forms for camp. We need to have them completed and ready no later than 06/23. This includes the over the counter medication form.
  • Summer Camp Questions: There were a few questions that I could not answer at our meeting last week. Here are the official details:
    • Merit Badge Payments: As you sign up for merit badges, some have fees. Those fees are paid AT CAMP. Make sure your son has enough money.
    • Cell Service: The camp ranger has a cell booster, but service is still limited. If you need to use your mobile service while at camp (adults only), you’ll need to drive away from camp – based on what I can find, it looks like service won’t be solid until you get to Highway 12 (about 35 miles away from camp).
    • Friday Night Camping: Adults who are not staying the week or a portion of the week CANNOT stay at the campsite on Friday night. There is a camp ground 3 miles away and the council office recommended adults stay there if they are staying Friday night.
  • High Adventure Sign Up: If you plan to attend (boys and/or adults), please make sure you are signed up in the next week or so. Details can be found online.
  • Parent Help: We need a parent or two to help organize a volunteer project for Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church. The date is Tuesday 08/06 from 8:00am-10:00am. The troop adult leaders are unavailable so we need a parent to help organize this. Let me know if you can help.

PLC & Advancement Night
Next Tuesday (05/28) will be our last Patrol Leader Council at 6:00pm. All patrol and troop leaders are required to attend. The troop meeting will be advancement night. If you can stay and help with board of reviews, it would be helpful.

Court of Honor
Our Spring Court of Honor is Tuesday 06/04. Please plan to attend as a family to celebrate advancement in the Troop. Full details will be sent out next week.

Personal Management Merit Badge
Felicia Boyle (509-951-9135 started this badge with the boys last Tuesday. The discussed work that can be completed during the summer – requirements #1, #2, #8, #9 & #10 (#2 has a 13 week component so it is important you start this as soon as possible). Please make sure your son has started this work and is ready for classroom sessions in the fall. She recommends printing off the merit badge packet from as it has charts to help you with tracking your income and expenses. Also, if you will miss one of the sessions, you can do the in class topics at home and bring it in to be reviewed. If you are attending summer camp, she can also mark off requirements while at camp if you would like to work on it.

Also, there are several Scouts who have partials for Chess, Disabilities Awareness and Salesmanship. If you have a partial and would like to get it completed, see Felicia at Advancement night next week or you can bring your packets to summer camp and work on final requirements there. Just make sure if there is anything you had to do as homework that you complete it prior to having it looked at. If you need to know what you have not completed, you can email her at

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