Merit Badge College

It is still not too late to register for this Saturday’s merit badge college at Whitworth. The event is hosted by the Thunderbird district and runs from 8:00am-5:00pm. Cost is $10 (lunch NOT included). Registration is required so use the link below:

Court of Honor
Tuesday (01/29) is our winter Court of Honor. This is a family event and we’d like to encourage everyone to attend. Setup is at 6:00pm – the Eagle patrol is responsible. We’ll kick things off around 6:30pm with a shared dinner and then awards. Please bring a couple dishes to share (see below) and your own plates, silverware and drinks.

  • Last name A-M: Main Dish & Salad
  • Last name: N-Z: Main Dish & Dessert

Chewelah Peak
Details can be found online. There will be a sign up sheet on Tuesday. If you are planning to go but can’t make the Court of Honor, please let Mr. Mick know so he has a valid count. If your son needs a ride, you’ll need to arrange it.


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