2019 Troop Fees

Just a reminder, we are collecting fees for 2019. Standard amount is $120 plus $12 for Boy’s Life. Many Scouts have a different amount, so let me know if you need to know what that is and I’ll provide an update. Please bring a check to the next meeting.

Communications Badge Update
We had our final merit badge class Tuesday, 11/13, and the boys were given some homework assignments to complete Requirements 7 and 9 (see attached Nov-Dec 2018 handout for due dates and details). Hopefully everyone can attend Webelos Skills Day on 12/15 to teach as skill for Requirement 6.

Please check the attached badge tracking spreadsheet to see if your boy is missing any other requirements besides 6, 7, and 9 (and to make sure we’ve checked everything off correctly). Jen Walter and Julie Tylman can be available to work with your boys at during a troop meeting or future advancement night to help them finish up. Their contact details are on the Nov/Dec handout.

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