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Our new troop meeting structure is going well after a couple weeks. There have been some bumps, but we are figuring them out. The great thing is that the boys are seeing the bumbs too and providing good feedback!

I’d like to ask that you think about how you might be able to help with this instruction in the near future. We need adults who would be willing to do a little work to help the boys. And the need will start in November.

During the meetings in November and December, we are going to focus on “How to Teach”. On Saturday 12/15, we will hold our Webelos Skill Day. So what we’d like to do is review the Scout Skills that are taught during that event, but show the boys how to teach them (not what the skill is). So if the session is on “How to Teach Knots”, the instructor doesn’t focus on how the knot is tied, but how you’d show a boy who has never seen it.

We have seven skills that need instructors:

  • How to Teach Knots
  • How to Teach Fire Building
  • How to Teach Knife & Ax Safety
  • How to Teach Cooking
  • How to Teach First Aid
  • How to Teach Map & Compass
  • How to Teach 10 Essentials

I’d like to have these instructors nailed down soon so I can review content with them in advance. If you can help, please let me know which one you can do ( We are looking for about 10 minutes and will provide a lot of the content. We’re looking to you to provide excitment!

On a similar note, we will have opportunities this winter and spring too. February, March, April and May all have openings for instruction. We have a list online of the different topics available to teach. If one of these works for you and you’d be interested, please let me know.

Group Instruction Topics

Thank you for your support of Troop 313!

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