Patrol Leader Council

All new leaders (Troop and Patrol) need to attend the PLC on Tuesday (05/29) at 6:00pm. We’ll be discussing summer activities as well as our new meeting structure for September. Please bring a calendar and something to write with.

Gardening Merit Badge
A make up session will be held on Tuesday at 6:00pm for those that couldn’t make the last session.

Advancement Night
Tuesday’s troop meeting is an advancement night. First year boys who are working with Mr. Davis will meet as normal. The rest of the troop has the option to work on advancement or take the night off.

Personal Fitness Merit Badge
Mrs. Backstrom has agreed to run this merit badge over the summer. It is an Eagle required one so if your son doesn’t have it, please encourage him to participate. The summer activities will be minimal with the final classwork being completed in the fall. Please let Mrs. Backstrom know if your son will attend ( or 509-724-7940). The first class will be Tuesday 06/19.

Summer Camp
Please do not forget that a full medical form is required for camp and we need them ASAP. You can bring them directly to me at the next meeting or scan them as PDF and email them to me (

Also, if you haven’t registered for merit badges, please do so ASAP. I have login details if you do not have them.

Court of Honor
Our Spring Troop Court of Honor will be held on Tuesday 06/05. Please make sure your family comes to celebrate with us. Complete details will be released next week.

There are also three Eagle Court of Honors coming in the next few weeks. Please plan to join us as we celebrate this huge acheivement. Complete details will be distributed the week before the event.

  • Saturday 06/02: Jeremy Eliason at 11:00am at the church
  • Tuesday 06/12: Oliver Vazquez at 7:00pm at the church
  • Wednesday 06/20: Peyton Kyrch at 7:00pm at the Kyrch Residence


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