Camping Details

We’re camping this weekend and here are the details:

  • Friday departure at 5:00pm from the church
  • Bring a sack lunch for Friday night and Saturday noon
  • Saturday departure at 8:00am
  • If you are driving, please download and print the directions
  • Bring work gloves, hats for shade, water bottles
  • Temperatures will be warmer than Spokane, so be prepared!
  • Mr. Mick will be cooking for parents – meals include Saturday breakfast & dinner and Sunday breakfast – $5 per meal per person – bring your own eating utensils and a coffee cup
  • Boys will be eating as patrols
  • We will be home a bit later on Sunday than normal since it is a longer drive; expect 2:00pm or later return

Troop Elections
Next Tuesday (05/22) is Troop Elections. The troop will elect a Senior Patrol Leader and each Patrol a Patrol Leader that will start in the fall. With the new meeting structure that will roll out in the fall, these positions will have more responsibilities and more opportunities. If your son is interested in running for SPL, please make sure he talks to Mr. Mick ( or 710-0986).

Troop Meeting Structure
We will be rolling out the new troop meeting structure to the boys this coming Tuesday (05/22). Please make sure your son attends so he will be aware of the changes starting in September. If you’d like to see what we are up to, please feel free to stick around for the presentation.

Swimming Merit Badge
We have a Swimming merit badge class scheduled for Tuesday (05/22). This was always a “have if it is needed” class. Because of the band concert last week, I’m assuming we’ll hold this class on Tuesday. Keep an eye on your messages for last minute updates.

Summer Camp
Please make sure to register for your merit badges. If you can’t find the message I sent about how to register, just let me know. Also, a FULL medical form is required ASAP. Please turn it in before the Court of Honor on June 5th.

Camp Grizzly T-Shirts are available to order until May 21. Use the link below to order. When finalizing the sale (see image below), put our troop number (313) and Session Date (July 8-15). The website says May 15 is the deadline, but it has been extended.


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