Gear Loading

Mr. Mick will be at the church from 5:00pm-6:00pm on Wednesday 05/16 for gear loading. Please stop by and load your gear into the trailer.

Full camping details will come out in Thursday’s message.

6 thoughts on “Gear Loading

  1. Conner Banks has a baseball game tomorrow night, is there anyway he can bring it on Thursday? Or can he bring it with him when he arrives for the camp out?


      1. Conner has a baseball game again Friday, but Mr. Mick said there are two families leaving Saturday. How do we arrange for him to go with the folks that are going Saturday?


      2. The Saturday group will leave from the church at 8:00am. There should be enough room. If you need to know who is going on Saturday, please call Bob today – he is leaving tomorrow (05/17) for the camping location.


  2. Conner has a baseball game Friday night. Mr. Mick said there were two families that were going on Saturday. How do I arrange for him to go Saturday?


    1. Sorry for the double post. I didn’t see my post from last night and thought maybe I didn’t submit it right. Sorry!


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