Camp Cards

Camp Cards are available for the Scouts to sell to earn money for camp. The cards sell themselves and have about $100 worth of coupons on the card and sell for $5 with $2 from each card going towards the Scout’s camp balance. If you would like your Scout to sell cards, please email Felicia at or text at (509) 951-9135. Cards are being checked out in bundles of 20, but more can be requested as needed.

Disabilities Awareness
A new merit badge class will begin on Tuesday (03/20) at 6:00pm.

Cooking Merit Badge
We are closing in on the last requirements for the cooking merit badge! Please have your scout complete the following worksheets (Session 3, Requirement 6, Requirement 7). Mrs. Brown will be available after the next few weekly troop meetings to meet with scouts who need to complete remaining requirements or have any questions an how to proceed. Scouts need to plan and cook meals on both a camp out AND a hike or backpacking trip held by the Troop. Mrs. Brown will be at the April camp out to sign off scouts who accomplish their cooking requirements for a camp out. We will announce a Sunday in April to go on a hike at Riverside State Park to accomplish the cooking requirements for a hike. Patrols can work together on Tuesdays to do this planning, or do it individually at home.

Citizenship in the Nation
Class is at 9:00am on Saturday (03/17) for two hours. Location is LDS Church, 10405 W Melville Rd, Cheney, WA 99004.

Fundraiser Opportunity
Next Thursday (03/22) is the Just Between Friends sale at the fairgrounds. I am looking for six scouts to work the sale from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. The work involves helping customers carry their purchases out to their car and the Scout will earn about $30-$35 that will go towards their summer camp payment. Please let me know if you’re interested.

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