Cooking Merit Badge

We have 26 scouts doing the Cooking Merit Badge! The second session for the Cooking Merit Badge is next Tuesday, March 13, 6-7 pm. For this session please complete the following worksheet. Some of you have already handed in the first page. Scouts, please cook a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert for you and another adult using 5 different cooking methods. Thanks!

Eagle Court of Honor
Thomas Ehring will be celebrating his Eagle Court of Honor on Friday 03/09 at 6:00pm. The ceremony will be at the John J. Hemmingson Center on the campus of Gonzaga University. If you have not RSVPed, please do so immediately to A reception will follow immedately after the ceremony.

Summer Camp
If you have not registered your son for summer camp, please do so at the next meeting. A $100 deposit is due and the remaining amount will be collected in April. For full details on summer camp, please visit our website.

Camp Cards
Camp Cards are available for the Scouts to sell to earn money for camp. The cards sell themselves and have about $100 worth of coupons on the card and sell for $5 with $2 from each card going towards the Scout’s camp balance. If you would like your Scout to sell cards, please email Felicia at or text at (509) 951-9135. Cards are being checked out in bundles of 20, but more can be requested as needed.

Annual District Dinner
The Chinook District is looking for four Scouts to help setup for the annual dinner on Friday 03/23. Setup will be from 5:15pm-6:15pm. Boys are welcome to stay for dinner or head home after setup is complete. If your son is interested, please contact Maija at 509-998-7211.

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