Chess Merit Badge

The chess merit badge will be offered on Tuesday (02/20) at 6:00pm.

Friends of Scouting
The troop will be attending summer camp this summer at Camp Grizzly. In order for this camp to run, it needs funds from the council. Part of those funds come from Friends of Scouting. If you can afford to give to help keep programs like these going, we’d like to encourage you to do so. Visit the Friends of Scouting page on our website for complete details. Thanks for supporting Boy Scouts in the Inland Northwest!

Summer Camp
If you haven’t registered your son for summer camp, please do so ASAP. $100 is due for a deposit with the remaining amount due at the end of April (total is $340). For complete details, see our Summer Camp page on the website.

Left Overs
There were several items that were left after our Chewelah Peak outing. If you are missing some winter clothes or a shovel (several were left), then please look through the “Lost and Found” table at the meeting on Tuesday (02/20). If it isn’t claimed, it goes to Goodwill.

Personal Management
You can get started on this merit badge by attending a one-day “merit badge college” on Saturday (02/17). The class starts at 9:00am at the LDS Church in Airway Heights (10405 W Melville Rd, Cheney, WA 99004). Other badges will be offered throughout the spring on the third Saturday of each month. Details can be found on our calendar.

Eagle Court of Honor
The Eagle Court of Honor for Jacob Laxton will be on Saturday 02/24 at the church at 2:00pm. We’d like to encourage all Scouts and families to attend. These are wonderful celebrations of a massive acheivement.

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