Two Things

There are a couple things that I wanted to pass on to you before our meeting tomorrow night (10/24):

  1. Eagle Board of Reviews: We have two Eagle Boards scheduled for Thursday night (10/26). One is at 6:30pm and the other is at 7:30pm. If you can help, I need one to two more parents per Board (if you can only attend one, we can make that work too). Please let me know ASAP (
  2. 2018 Troop Fees: These are due in the next couple weeks. If your son has NOT sold popcorn, the standard fees are $120 per Scout and $12 for a Boy’s Life subscription. Boys who are Eagle Scouts, but want to stay active, the fee is $35. If your son will turn 18 in 2018, your fees will be less than the standard $120, so drop me a note and I’ll let you know what the amount is. For boys who sold popcorn, I’ll have final numbers this week so we can provide your amount soon. Worst case, we’ll need payment by the middle of November.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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